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Zingle is a texting & messaging software solution that helps businesses communicate with customers, growing revenue & improving customer satisfaction.
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About Zingle

Zingle is a texting & messaging software solution that helps businesses communicate with customers, growing revenue & improving customer satisfaction.


Zingle is a company & software that allows businesses to engage, support and respond to customers in the new mobile messaging era.  Zingle’s real-time enterprise platform works on any device and provides all the software tools to deliver an instant, actionable and seamless customer service experience.


By combining the immediacy of chat with the flexibility of mobile, Zingle is enabling businesses to provide the “instant gratification” service that their customers increasingly expect across a number of industries (with initial focus in hospitality).

Zingle pioneered the business messaging space in 2009 by being the first to offer business texting on its patented platform. Today over 1,000 businesses use Zingle, including Hyatt, Whole Foods, Marriott and ZipCar. Zingle is the only company to offer simple yet powerful technology like messaging workflow, analytics, integrations and automations.

Our Story

The idea behind Zingle was conceived by its founder, Ford Blakely. He was tired of waiting in long lines every morning at his local coffee shop for his “single shot, soy mocha, 2 pumps, no whip”. An avid texter, Ford couldn’t believe businesses did not have a way to receive text messages. Ford bought a cell phone for the coffee shop to keep by the register so he could text his order in each morning.

The idea quickly caught on and out-grew the capability of a cell phone.

He thought, if he saves 15 minutes each morning by texting in his order, then more businesses could benefit from texting & messaging software. Working with operators, Ford then created Zingle, a business text solution that allows customers to text a business (or automatically print the text request on our patented text printer) and responds to customers with a confirmation, while also keeping a log of all recent requests and conversations.


Convenience-seeking fixer, who believes in solving annoying life experiences. Flip-flop wearing inventor. Obsessive problem solver. Nicest impatient person on the planet - I won’t yell at you - I’ll invent around you.

Ford Blakely

Views technology sales as the intersection of people, product and process. Seeks to make the complex-simple; Committed to developing individuals to achieve results beyond their own expectations.

Mark Deatherage
VP, Sales
Jeremy Boatman
Director, Product

There is nothing prettier than a perfect spreadsheet except for the Stanley Cup back in L.A. I'm a number nerd who appreciates simplicity and actually really likes people.

Ann Sardina

SaaS platform architect and technology manager for ten years. Entrepreneur with a passion for the web and integration. Give me a potato and I’ll build a REST API for it.

Nathan Jovin
Director, Technology

Customer Success Director by day, Supermom by night. Highly motivated and detail-oriented with an exceptional record of client service. I love making people happy and believe we should always give customers more than they expect.

Julie Gamboa
Director, Account Management

Zingle Partnerships

Zingle and Amadeus Hospitality have created an extensive partnership to deliver even more value to customers.  Companies utilizing Zingle and Amadeus technologies together benefit from having real-time syncing of PMS data and service forwarding.  Have full access to consumer data to engage with them through texting.  Turn service requests into work orders with a click of a button.  Simple yet powerful.


Zipcar is a premier provider of fast and readily available car rental services geared toward the mobile & fast-moving individual & businesses. Starting with New York City, Zingle & Zipcar’s partnership has been growing immensely by adding more locations every month. Zipcar customers have the ability to expedite pick-up requests to avoid any waiting using Zingle’s custom messaging service.

Learn more about Zingle Partnerships

See how it works! Text us at +1 (858) 877-9200