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Hotel Scores Big By Adding Faster Valet Curb Service With Zingle’s Text Valet service.

With a high-volume valet operation, San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina wanted to minimize guest wait times for their cars and ensure best in class service.

The Marriott Marquis added Zingle so guests can conveniently text for their car when they’re ready to leave. Additionally, the front desk staff can make valet requests directly from their computers using Zingle’s easy to use Dashboard that forwards to the Zingle Printer. Zingle has helped the valet team by providing a longer lead time to retrieve cars which are held at a garage nearby. More importantly, Zingle has helped minimize the wait time for their valet customers.

Zingle’s Enterprise Hospitality Dashboard has transformed customer service.

The Talbott is a luxury hotel in the heart of Chicago dedicated to 24/7 personalized service. By deploying Zingle they’ve made it easy for guests to get what they need fast. Guests can text requests from on or off-property bringing excellent service to their guests’ fingertips, rather than make the guests always come to them.

At check-in, guests receive a welcome text or message notifying them to reply anytime with whatever they need (spa appointments, valet, extra towels, etc.). With the Zingle platform, guests are registered with their mobile number so hotel staff can easily communicate with them via text or message.

Subway Uses Text Ordering Service To Offer Delivery Service & Increase Customer Frequency

Zingle has been deployed at hundreds of Subways all over the US. Farrah Fariborz (Subway Franchisee) realized the power of offering a quick & easy way for her customers to order. She found that phone-in and online ordering just weren’t as convenient as text (or message) ordering for her younger clientele. With the Zingle Printer her staff was able to quickly fulfill orders by having printed requests as a reference.

Farrah had immediate success with offering text ordering thru Zingle to in-store customers so much so that she started offering delivery service to the surrounding schools in her neighborhood. Farrah harnessed the explosive growth of text messaging in the teenage generation to boost sales and increase her opportunity.


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