Aliso Viejo Country Club shares with their membership a passion for golf and a well-lived life that is enriched by time spent with family and friends. By using Zingle, Aliso Viejo Country Club staff have seen a boost in responses from prospective members that have ignored emails in the past and received quicker responses from members as well as increased event RSVPs.

“Our members love the convenience of texting. With Zingle, we are seeing more event RSVPs as well as more engagement with our members that we normally wouldn’t see through other channels.”

- Nicole Hensley, Membership Director

The Challenge

Aliso Viejo Country Club wanted to improve communication with current and potential members by utilizing text messaging to inform existing members of events, customer service, promotions as well as a tool for gaining new members.

The Solution

The experience, ease of use and the automation capabilities of Zingle contributed to their decision as several Club Corp locations were already utilizing Zingle for texting with members. By utilizing Zingle, the staff at Aliso Viejo Country Club can better manage member communication and create an alternate channel for members that usually ignore phone calls or emails. They promoted the text message capabilities to their members through business cards as well as initiate a welcome text message for new members to let them know they can text message for anything they need.

The Results

Increased Engagement and Registrations

Boosted service efficiency

Improved communication management and productivity