Burgeon Beer Company is the result of three ambitious men with a passionate vision. A vision to one day own and operate an influential craft brewery. Many years of planning, researching, developing, and optimizing resources enabled them to turn their vision into a reality.

“Zingle has enabled us to reach customers in a whole new way. By combining the reach of social media and the convenience of texting, we have increased visits to our brewery as well as sales in retail stores.”

- Matthew Zirpolo, Co-Founder/President

The Challenge

As a rising star in the San Diego craft brewery scene, Burgeon Beer Company was looking to reach a wider audience and expand their customer base. They saw an opportunity to leverage the popularity of social media and the convenience of text messaging as a new way to communicate with existing and potential customers.

The Solution

Burgeon partnered with Zingle to create a text messaging program that enabled customers to text in for business hours, address as well as text in the keyword “Join” to sign up for alerts whenever there is a new beer release. Customers that can’t make it to the brewery can also text in the keyword “retail” to get a list of retail stores that carry Burgeon Beers. Burgeon promoted their Zingle text number on their social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Results

40% Response Rate

Boosted Sales