Signature Flight Support is a network of Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), providing aviation services for business and private aircraft. Operating much like a hotel front desk, Customer Service Representatives assist customers with refueling, hangarage and other aviation amenities. The world’s largest network of FBOs, Signature Flight Support has more than 200 locations worldwide.

“I’ve done my research and looked at other products, and Zingle is far superior to anything I’ve found. I’ve actually had customers that have seen it in use here put it in place in their own businesses.

I utilize the Zingle app on my phone, which I actually find to be one of the most powerful pieces of the whole system. I can see all of those communications come through as notifications on my cell phone. If I’m not at the location, I can respond to the customer directly.”

- Matt Long, Station Manager

The Challenge

Matt Long saw an opportunity for his team to improve their communication abilities. While Long had tried another text messaging system, he found that it lacked automation and other special features that, as he would later learn, Zingle had to offer.

The Solution

With Zingle now loaded at point-of-sale machines, customers can request services with a simple text. If they need to refuel or have their plane pulled out of the hangar at a certain time, it’s just a text away. Even better, Long says, as a manager he has access to these communications from his cell phone

The Results

Faster Response Times

Happy Customers

Responses From Any Device