Zingle | Chronic Ink Tattoo Case Study
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Etched on the Ontario tattoo scene since 2008, Chronic Ink first made a name for itself as the go-to place for Asian-style ink. Now with two studios, their 30 artists are booked anywhere from three months to two years in advance for Asian, Western, Realism, and custom lettering designs.

screenshot-2016-11-04-14-18-41It’s way more efficient, and we are able to confirm clients so much faster… It’s definitely something that affects the way we do business greatly.


From month to month, the team at Chronic Ink has thousands of appointment confirmations to make, a process that initially required two full-time staff members. The company initially tried a number of web-based text services more intended for personal use. They were never able to find a solution that could handle their volume, nor the customer support that could help them navigate this hurdle.


Chronic Ink turned to Zingle for use of their robust system, including the Zingle Inbox, API integration, setup & training, and more. “It’s way more efficient, we were able to confirm clients so much faster,” said General Manager Justin Rejano. “It’s definitely something that affects your business for sure.





Processing appointments now only takes one staff member three days a week, a reduction in workforce overhead from 80 hours to 24 hours a week. “It’s a no-brainer,” Justin said. “The culture of the company is very easy to work with. If I have issues [Zingle] is on it immediately.”

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