Zingle Food & Beverage

Allow your customers to text message in orders and reservations

What is Zingle for Food & Beverage?

Zingle is the fastest and most efficient way for restaurants, delis and other food service businesses to take food and drink orders through text messaging. Increase order frequency, get customers coming back and eliminate long lines and wait times.

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How can your restaurant use Zingle?

  • 1
    Customer text messages to place an order
  • 2
    Request instantly appears in the Zingle dashboard
  • 3
    Restaurant confirms order through Zingle
  • 4
    Customer gets order confirmation message back with pickup time

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Key Benefits

Maximize operational efficiency and generate more business.

Increase Orders

  • Increase order frequency and repeat customers
  • Reduce walk away revenue
  • Text message in orders or reservations to eliminate lines & wait times

Save Time

  • Set up keyword responses for specials, hours, menu & wifi password
  • Send a text message to customers when their table is ready
  • Fewer phone calls means more time to fulfill orders

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