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Zingle messaging solutions for the food and beverage industry everywhere.
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What is Zingle for Food & Beverage?

Zingle is the fastest and most efficient way for your customers to order food and drinks – via text and message ordering. Increase order frequency, get customers coming back and eliminate lines and wait times.

How it Can Be Used

Grocery Markets

Deli Counter, Specialty Items, Advanced Orders


Cafes, Delis, Juice Bars, Coffee & Bagels


Room Service, Drinks by the Pool

How it Works

  • Customer messages for their food order
  • Request comes in thru the Zingle dashboard (or prints)
  • Restaurant confirms order thru Zingle
  • Customer gets confirmation message back

Start Free Trial

Free infographic: 8 Easy Ways to Market Your Restaurant

Phone calls are so 2009

Key Benefits

Increase Orders

Increase order frequency and repeat customers

Reduce walk away revenue

Orders can be messaged ahead to eliminate lines & wait times

Save Time

Set up keyword responses- specials, hours & wifi

Avoid confusion with printed orders

Less phone calls means more time to fulfill orders

Take Zingle for a test drive

See how it works! Text us at +1 (858) 877-9200