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Zingle for hospitality / hotels is rapidly improving guest satisfaction and growing overall hotel ratings & success.
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What is Zingle Hospitality?

Zingle connects your hotel staff and your guests, the way everyone wants to communicate – via messaging. Our 2-way messaging platform enables your staff to quickly respond to guest requests from any device.

Turn messaging into guest satisfaction & revenue

How Can Your Hotel Use Zingle?

Instead of calling the front desk, guests can message for anything, anywhere, anytime.


Room Service & Dining Reservations


Spa Appointments & Tee Times


Extra Towels, Wakeup Calls, Concierge


Message ahead for cars


Guest messages their request.

After receiving a welcome message, guests can easily message back for anything they need. (room service, spa appointment, drink order, you get the idea).


Zingle & Hotel receive request & respond.

Hotel can easily reply to each request with a custom or automated response thru the Zingle platform from the web or mobile app. Requests can also be printed on the Zingle printer.


Guest receives confirmation message.

Guest receives confirmation message with no waiting, making them very happy.

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Key Benefits

Grow RevPAR

Ease of requesting services increases frequency of booking

Keep guests on property spending money

Increases repeat booking & new reservations

Improve Satisfaction

Faster, better service = happier guests & better reviews

Guests don’t have to wait on hold for any requests

Feedback surveys or link directly to TripAdvisor thru a text, email or social inbox

Optimize Efficiency

Shorter wait times at check-in and concierge

Staff saves time with auto responses & templates

PMS integrations to steamline work flow

Implement into your app

Hundreds of Hotels Love Zingle.

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Key Features

Easy Integrations

Zingle easily integrates into your existing software and management systems.

Real Time Analytics

Know what’s happening, good or bad, in your hotel at all times.

Intelligent Notifications

Learn about issues immediately and resolve them fast.

Language Translations

Translate messages into 90 languages. Ciao, Hola, Bonjour...

Works On All Devices

Staff can respond on any device from desktop to mobile.

Automated Responses

No need to answer “WiFi password?” ever again. Zingle responds for you.


Third Party Integrations

Complete with integration into various PMS’ and Newmarket’s HotSOS, Zingle provides real-time customer data syncing and automated order management. PMS integrations include:










See how it works at your hotel

See how it works! Text us at +1 (858) 877-9200