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The Possibilities are Endless

Zingle’s business to customer text & messaging software is currently being used in all types of industries. And no matter the use case…customers love it! 9 out of 10 customers want to use messaging but only 40% of businesses are equipped to connect with customers through a message.* Some of our best success over the years has been built on your ideas.

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The Zingle dashboard can be custom fit to work for your business. We strive to get your business off phone calls, moving faster and making it simple to communicate with your customers!

Real Estate Companies


Sports Tournaments

Conference & Event Organizations

Law Firms

Construction Management

Admissions & Educational Institutions

Medical Offices

Clown Olympics (just kidding)

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Breakdown from our Founder

Meet Ford Blakely, Zingle’s Founder and someone who hates to wait, as he explains Zingle and how it helps companies communicate better with their customers.


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