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Zingle texting for valet, parking garages, lots, airports, shuttles & more for fast service.
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What is Zingle Parking?

Whether you have a residential or commercial parking garage, let your customers message you for their car before they arrive. The Zingle service paired with our text & message printer allows customers to message their valet requests to parking attendants so their car is ready when they are.

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How it Can Be Used


Any valet service, anytime anywhere.


On or off-property

Garages & Lots

Residential or commercial lots

Off-Airport Parking

Shuttle & pickup requests


How it Works

  • Customer requests their car via messaging
  • Request comes in thru the Zingle platform
  • Valet confirms request thru Zingle
  • Customer gets confirmation message back

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Key Benefits

Faster Service

Eliminate wait times for customers

Happier Customers

Better tips = employee retention

Print Incoming Requests

Print valet ticket requests for streamlined retrieval

Fast Confirmation

Printer has one button confirmation for car requests

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