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January 30, 2017

Click to Text: The Easiest Form of Customer Engagement

David Wang

A few weeks ago we published a post about how Google AdWords was cashing in on the growth of text messaging by adding Message Extensions. For years, Call Extensions have been a major component in PPC campaigns, making it easier for consumers to connect with businesses.

Today, 75% of millennials prefer texting over calling on their mobile phones, and 76% prefer to receive texts from businesses due to its convenience.

Since text messaging has become the preferred method of communication, the demand for consumers to be able to connect with businesses via their mobile website has grown exponentially. That is why when you asked for an easy way for customers using your mobile website to text you. We delivered. This solution is v1.0 of something that we are likely to build upon depending on usage and engagement. This solution will place a widget on your website that only shows up for users who are using a mobile device. If clicked, it will open the mobile operating system’s SMS compose screen with your number already pre-populated.

After you sign up for Zingle, implementing ‘click to text’ is very simple:

  1. Take the code snippet and replace the url parameters with your values. Only US phone numbers are supported.
    1. Enter phone numbers in the following format: 8588779200. Then, enter the text you’d like to see inside the button.
  2. Simply place the modified javascript snippet directly before the closing body tag (</body>) of your website.
    • Only iPhone and Android mobile operating systems are supported.



With that being said…

With Zingle’s text messaging software, businesses are able to receive and respond to all incoming messages sent via their website, making it even easier to provide superior customer service.

Businesses wanting to connect with customers more quickly, have adopted a texting solution that lets their customers ask questions, schedule appointments, and place orders, at their own convenience.

Zingle has created a simple and brilliant messaging inbox your team will love. All incoming and outgoing messages are conveniently located in your inbox, ensuring text communication between your business and customers is both easy and manageable.

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