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November 20, 2017

New Integration: Zapier

David Wang


We are excited to announce our Zapier integration. Zingle customers subscribed to the Standard pricing tier or above will have access to this integration.

Zapier is an integration platform that allows you to easily connect your apps in order to automate tasks.

Integration platforms have gained momentum over the past several years as apps have become more connected. The great thing about Zingle integrating with Zapier is that, by having an integration with Zapier, Zingle now automatically has integrations with over 500 applications!

There are hundreds of options for valuable integrations. Here are a few integration ideas:

  • Automatically sync new Contacts into Zingle whenever they are added or updated from within your CRM system.
  • Automatically text your customers when a new invoice is created for them from within Quickbooks or one of the many other accounting apps.
  • Automatically add a tag to a Contact in Zingle based on a CRM attribute.
  • Use Google Contacts to automatically sync Contacts to Zingle whenever any contact is added or updated.
  • Use Google Sheets to automatically sync rows (contacts) to Zingle whenever any contact is added or updated.
  • Use Google Calendar to automatically text appointment reminders to your customers.

…what will you think of? ?

Perhaps the business applications you already use have Zapier integrations. You can check by going to Zapier and searching.

Here’s how easy it is to use

Check out this article to get you started.

What’s the cost?

If you’re on Zingle’s Standard pricing tier or higher, this integration is a free feature of your existing plan. On the Zapier side, your cost may be nothing.

Zapier is a freemium product, which means that they offer a free tier with paid options as you grow. Certain applications like integrations with Salesforce require a paid subscription, however, most applications are free to integrate with depending on the number of steps in the workflow and actions per month.

Get started today

For the first few weeks, the Zapier integration is invite only, so here is your invite! Within the next few weeks, setup will be available in the Integrations section of your Service Settings.

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