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Zingle software products help to manage conversations, analytics, automations, your contacts and more.
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What is the Zingle Inbox?

As the most popular digital communications channel, messaging lets you reach all your customers. Zingle’s business to customer text & messaging software is an easy-to-use application, designed to help you manage multiple conversations, see on-demand analytics, scale communication and create automations from any device – it’s the modern evolution of customer service. Powerful, intuitive and fully configurable, personalized for your business.


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Key Benefits

All Devices

Access Zingle from your desktop, tablet, mobile phone.


Make smarter and more timely decisions thru real-time intelligence.


Easily integrate Zingle into your existing management systems.

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User Friendly

Our dashboard is simple to use and easy to understand.


Save time with automated responses.

Scalable Communications

Your entire staff can manage all customer conversations at the same time.


Actionable Analytics

All Zingle activity is tracked with charts and reports. Want to see a history of conversations between certain customers, message volume or trending keywords? Zingle’s analytics provide the information you need to make everyday business decisions.

Advanced Features

Customer Satisfaction Score

Group Messaging

Language Translation

Picture Messaging

Contact Management



Zingle Business App

Use Zingle on your iOS device from anywhere. Send & receive messages, manage contacts, & much more! Download the app in the iTunes store today.


See it in action now!

See how it works! Text us at +1 (858) 877-9200