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February 3, 2015

Small Hotel – Big Customer Service Heart

David Wang


A woman recently wrote a positive online review of a small hotel in Hollywood, Calif., that included some examples of amazing customer service…The anonymous reviewer said she and her son stayed at the Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood over the summer. At first she was a little disappointed the hotel was so small, but the friendly staff and clean rooms soon won her over.

“They were so friendly and greeted us every time we walked by. My son and I had a one-bedroom suite with dining area and kitchen and two queen beds that were very comfortable. The rooms were clean and large.”

But then on the last day, about 45 minutes before check out, the guest broke a glass and cut her finger. When it wouldn’t stop bleeding her son went to the front desk. The employee insisted on driving the woman and her son to a nearby health clinic.

“Panic set in because I was afraid we would miss our flight.”

Thanks to the hotel employee’s intervention with the clinic’s front desk, the guest was examined immediately. Thirty minutes and five stitches later they were back at the hotel, where employees who’d been alerted had summoned a limo to take mother and son to the airport. They were only 15 minutes off schedule and made their flight.

“I can’t thank the management and hotel staff enough for taking care of me and keeping my son calm through this unusual event. I would recommend this hotel even if I didn’t injure my finger – and we will definitely be staying there again.”

Again, you never know when basic human kindness will pay off – so make it the core of your customer service philosophy. Employees at the Magic Castle went beyond the call of duty to make sure their guest received proper medical attention while also making sure she also made her flight. The guest responded with glowing reviews on a national website. In the age of instant advertising, that hour of caring action paid off big for this little hotel.

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