New Research Exposes Hidden Service Risks for Hoteliers

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3 Ways to Improve Hotel Operations and Reduce Labor Costs

As labor costs continue to rise and revenue growth begins to slow, hoteliers are looking for ways to improve operational processes and increase employee productivity, without lowering the quality of service for guests.  A recent report from HVS  stated that the rise of labor cost is due to the increased difficulty in hiring qualified staff…

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Zing-It! Intent-Triggered Workflow Automation

Operational efficiency plays a huge role in providing great guest experiences. Streamlining workflows and removing unnecessary steps in the service process can improve staff productivity while providing faster service for guests. In this Zing-It! Episode, we will show you how Zingle uses artificial intelligence combined with a service optimization system integration to trigger workflow automations…

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Rising Labor Costs and Slowing Growth a Major Concern for Hoteliers

During this month’s NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference, much of the talk centered around rising labor costs and the effect it will have on the future of hospitality. Hotels operate 24 hours a day year round, which always makes operational costs and labor top of mind for hotel owners and investors. But the concerns…

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Hotel Inefficiencies that Hinder the Guest Experience

Other than increasing bookings and revenue, reducing operational costs is a top priority for hotel owners and managers. As data from CBRE shows about 77% of hotel expenses are labor and operating costs. This presents a huge opportunity for hotels to revisit and analyze their operational processes and identify areas where both labor and operational…

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