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Zingle is a cloud-based, enterprise messaging and texting platform.
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24 Mar Zingle Business Messaging App featured on Eazl.co alongside Apple & Facebook

Eazl Brain Boosts are weekly doses of trending stories in business and innovation applied to cutting-edge business concepts. Tune in each Friday at 10am PST and keep your business brain engaged! This week:

• Top #Apps: Two apps are getting a lot of attention this week. First, Zingle is a business texting & messaging application that enables text-based communications between any user and a any business. To find out more visit http://www.zingle.me/products/. Anchor, an iOS app that allows users to stream short audio recordings, has been gaining users and attracting a lot of favorable attention. It will be especially useful for podcasters. Check out Anchor at http://bit.ly/1pjccxe.

• Top #Media: Two major media deals are in the news this week. First, Facebook is reportedly negotiating with the National Football League on a deal that would broadcast select NFL games live on Facebook. Also, Apple has struck a deal with the NCAA, the college sports association in the United States, that will offer Apple TV users the ability to stream the NCAA’s college basketball tournament through Apple TV. It will also allow viewers to stream two games at once via a split screen feature.

• Top #ArtificialIntelligence: Facebook has revealed that it is using artificial intelligence for mapping populations in the developing world. It’s part of Facebook’s internet.org project which aims to provide internet access to people in the developing world.

See Eazl’s page & this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwDUo4rmO_8

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