What can Zingle do for your business?

Lightning Icon Faster Service

Everyone texts for one huge reason – because it gets a faster response. Zingle provides instant customer satisfaction.

Arrow Icon More Revenue

It’s proven that people engage more when it’s easy. Texting makes it easier for your customers to access products or services.

Hand Shake Icon Stronger Loyalty

Texting is personal. Build loyalty the old fashioned way with more personal service and get to know your customers.

Magnifying Glass Icon Better Service Tracking

View records of how your team interacts & responds to customers. Get valuable data & insights that phone calls can’t provide.

How It Works

For your customers…
it’s as simple as texting their best friend.

Texting has become the preferred method of communication for millions. It’s fast & effective. Zingle’s business text platform provides all types of businesses a revolutionary communication method that in turn increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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