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Meet the next generation of business communication.

How It Works

Customer texts in request

This can be almost anything, from a question, to an order, to a service request.

Business receives
and confirms

Reply with a custom message or pre-set reply. Zingle allows each business to set customized response times.

Customer receives confirmation

Nothing better than a written confirmation for your customer. Confirmations provide time & date information and order number (where applicable).

Your customers deserve faster service.

View & Analyze Conversations

Texting provides a running record of every conversation that takes place between two parties. That's powerful data for any business.

Reduce Communication Mistakes

Texting is easier for businesses because it eliminates verbal communication mistakes. "I said NO mayo... or I said Valet ticket 0750, not 0870!"

Zingle lets your business capture powerful data
with custom and interactive messaging.

Zingle Dashboard Settings

Set Escalation times to ensure employees respond quickly and timely.

Custom & Automated

Zingle's platform allows businesses to create pre-set replies for any type of business; confirm a coffee order, confirm a maintenance request, set-up a keyword (e.g. SPECIALS) to give your customers the automated information they're looking for.

Data & Reporting

All Zingle communications activity is tracked with charts and reports. Wanna see a history of conversations between certain customers? Zingle's analytics provide what you need.

Dashboard Reports

Reporting to better track activity, responses and communications.

To print or not to print.

Add Zingle's patented real time message printer

If your business needs a device or wants to print incoming text requests, add Zingle's text message printer

Zingle has two types of printer devices to meet your business needs.

1) Internet Ready - Wired ethernet connection required
2) Cellular Enabled - Mobile internet included

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Explore advanced features that strengthen
customer relationships

Group Messaging

Zingle's advanced group messaging feature allows customers to set-up groups to interact on a large scale. Group customers by convenient participants, leadership conferences, loyalty and much more to communicate directly with a targeted group.

Group Messaging


Drive more customer survey feedback with short, simple text-based surveys. Web & email surveys don't work because they take too long. Zingle's advanced survey feature provides the ability to build custom survey questions and track survey results in real-time.

SMS Survey Results

See how Zingle is used in various industries.

We're always exploring new areas with businesses, Contact Us to discuss yours.

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Valet services

We'll have your car ready for you.

Zingle currently services over 500 parking locations across the country with it's first-to-market Text Valet solution. Zingle service paired with our instant printer device allows customers to text their valet ticket to parking attendants so their car is ready when they are.

Man Opening Car
Zingle iPhone on Platter

Concierge services

Zingle is in over 250 hotels nationwide.

Zingle's award winning concierge service allows guests to text hotels for almost anything - text for you car, text for more towels, text because you want a drink poolside (because you can't find a waiter). It's that simple.

Text ordering

Room service will never be the same

Zingle is the perfect complement for businesses to increase order frequency and convenience for their customers. Be more accurate with faster service.

Business Man Texting

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